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Barbara Divis: Operatic Rhapsody
Barbara Divis: Signature Arias



"The multi-faceted role of Pagliacci's Nedda/Columbine was a thrill in the hands of Barbara Divis. Her Balatella, in which she sings with the envy of the freedom of birds was moody, meditative and free, and with crystalline trills imitating bird voices. The lovers duet . . . was swathed with passion and intimacy."
— Hillary Hauser, Santa Barbara News Press

"(The) cast was one of the strongest in recent Opera San Jose history. Divis returns with a stunning new shimmer in her vibrato, evident especially in the haunting Vilja."
— Michael J. Vaughn, Metro (San Jose)

"Divis informed her portrayal with uncommon spunkiness and delicacy . . . in Laurent's cell and in the tomb scene, Divis evoked genuine pathos."
— Allen Ulrich, The San Francisco Examiner

"The all-important principals, Divis and tenor, sing this stuff like they were born to it. If last season's Lucia weren't proof enough, this Juliet removes any doubt about Divis' remarkable range and agility. One minute she's tossing off poofy florist-shop cadenzas in the sprightly waltz, the next she's unfurling streams of triple­F agony at the news of Romeo's poisoning. And her top notes are downright captivating."
— Michael J. Vaughn, Metro (San Jose)

"Divis sang compellingly with a nimble sound and a broad range, as effective in her imprison- ment scene as in her early Jewel Song."
— Paul Hertelendy, San Jose Mercury News

"Divis was divine, endowing the opera's most empathetic character with an appealingly gentle strength. To picture her lush descending lones at the finish of 'Bei Mannern,' please visualize a silk burgundy scarf wafting down from a third-story window."
— Michael J. Vaughn, Metro (San Jose)

"She reeled off those lustrous-pure high Ds and high Es for which the role is famous, even notorious. Divis' top range is dazzling­something to lock up in a safe overnight, alongside the boxoffice receipts."
— Paul Hertelendy, San Jose Mercury News

"Strong singing and concerted dramatic attentions . . . Divis's performance as the brazen wife sizzled."
— Phillip Collims, Metro (San Jose)

"A loveable, fragile Mimi . . . Her tragic scemes of the last two acts were sublime, from her snow-scene narrative with Marcello, to her farewell, to the pale-faced hairdown realism of the death scene."
— Paul Hertelendy, San Jose Mercury News

"Divis was stunning, and her superbly individual interpretation was instrumental in making Saturday's performance exceptional. Divis' earthy, rich hued timber is a welcome change from the typical castings. Divis brought a working-girl's stamina to Mimi's character, and it worked."
— Phillip Collins, Metro (San Jose)